NOLA Pop-Up with AIPIM, Thursday August 22

Tomorrow night we’re hosting another Pop-Up!

This time Aipim (great lil’ Latin restaurant that was on Thames) will be taking over the NOLA kitchen and serving an a la carte menu.   In addition to her grub we’ll be serving Argentinian wine by both the bottle and glass in addition to a couple of house cocktails and nonalcoholic beverages.

We only have a bout 10 spots left so act quick and make your reservation to or 15.5348.4509.

As always location details will be given 24 hours prior to service via email.  Service begins at 21:30 hours, cash only.

Menu below in Spanish & English!

Starters & Sides:
Chicken hearts / farofa / huacatay $ 30
Corazones de pollo en palito/ farofa/ huacatay

Peanut soup / pork rinds / pickles $ 40
Sopa de maní/ chicharrón de cerdo/ pickles 

Fried Camembert / guava / jalapeño peppers $ 35
Camembert frito/ salsa de guayaba/ jalapeños 

Braised Argentinian meat cut/ bean puree / lime / tropical chimichurri $ 65 
Asado braseado/ puré de porotos / lima/ chimichurri tropical 

Catch of the day /pumpkin and coconut milk stewed / coriander / rice croquettes $ 70 
Pesca/ guisado de calabaza y leche de coco/ cilantro/ bombas de arroz 

Tres leches cake / passion fruit meringue / strawberries / caramelized peanuts $ 20 
Bizcocho tres leches/ merengue de maracuyá/ frutillas/ garrapiñada 

Chocolate volcano cake / kumquat / cardamom cream $ 25
Torta húmeda de chocolate amargo/ quinotos/ crema de cardamomo