About Me

Fitness guru and dieting expert

Hola and welcome!

I’m Liza, a New Orleans girl, kind of spastic, mostly happy.  I cook professionally and live in Buenos Aires.

Before Argentina I was in New York City for five years and before that in the dirty South aka New Orleans my hometown aka the greatest city in the USA.

These days I run my own business!  It’s exhausting.  And I love it!!  It’s an underground restaurant (puerta cerrada) in Palermo, Buenos Aires called NOLA.  It’s exclusive, exotic and the center of my universe.  Make a reservation and come see for yourself!

My dream is to have an international life, enhancing peoples lives through food and sharing moments all over the world with the people who mean the most to me.  Food is so powerful, I want to heal people through it!  Yes.  This is what I want!  And possibly to host a music festival somewhere in Central America, hopefully the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.  ¡Vamos Liza!

This blog is a way to share my adventures with my friends and family who are scattered all over the world.  I love you to pieces.


FAQs  ::

What camera do you use?

Lumix GF5 with a pancake lens.  In my earlier posts, and still sometimes to this day, I use my iPhone as I am big fan of Instagram.

How do I make a reservation at NOLA?

Send me an email at liza@nolachef.net

What does NOLA stand for?

New Orleans, Louisiana, duh!!

Where were you before Argentina?

Before Argentina I was living in lower Manhattan in New York City for five years where I worked in the restaurant scene and attended the French Culinary Institute.  Prior to the big apple I was in New Orleans, Louisiana, my magical hometown studying international business and working in the service industry.  

How did you end up in Buenos Aires?

I went backpacking in Central America in 2010 for what was suppose to be a 6 week adventure with my bff.  My first day I met a cute Argentino and we wound up traveling together for 5 months.  After the trip I knew I didn’t want to be in NYC so I packed a bag and bought a one way ticket to Buenos Aires.  You say crazy, I say brave!

Where are some of your favorite places you have traveled to?

San Blas Islands in Panama, Colombia, Italy (specifically Puglia), Paris and Amsterdam.

Where do you plan on traveling to in 2014?

Mendoza, Argentina to celebrate my beau’s 30th, New York & NOLA for cooking events, Jazz Festival and friends & family time, and possibly South East Asia if I can escape BA for long enough!  Uruguay road trip in March.  Hopefully New York & NOLA sometime during the BA winter.  Too many projects in the works, wont be able to escape for too long.  I’m okay with that.  Focus 2014.

How do you stay so thin being a cook?

I listen to my body in regards to what it wants and doesn’t want and try to move around and much as possible, get that circulation going!  I was an avid tennis & racquetball player back in the states and now I mostly do yoga and ride my bike.  I also eat like I’m supposed to. Word!

What do you miss most about the states?

Nut butters, spice, street food, everything working efficiently, customer service, H&M, New York City, Southern hospitality, cheap flights, music festivals, falafel, caesar salads, sister, organic sheets, Trader Joes, reliable postal system, Chinese take out, Mexican food, iced coffee and last but certainly not least, cracking up & causing mischief with my amazing friends.

What do you love about life in Buenos Aires?

People work to live not live to work.  It’s not all about high salaries & consuming consuming consuming.  Long vacations are common and the empanadas are really good.  And the trees.  There is something really great about the trees.

What’s your contact info?

You can write to me from HERE.