Check out our fancy doors!

Things are moving along over here on our side of Palermo!  NOLA is going to be swinging her doors open in no time.

It’s so interesting to see the process from start to finish.

So bare in the beginning.  Then a complete fucking mess.  Stripped to the bones and rebuilt with purpose and care.  I’m so pumped to see the final product!!

Here are some shots from the first couple of weeks of construction.

The days have been so thrilling!

And exhausting.

Not only do we have endless decisions to make… but Ticol and I have to agree on them!!

And we are very different.

He’s all, ‘why spend money on clothes when you can use it on travels and adventures?!’ and I’m all, ‘I totally get that love that about you, and yes, save for travels 100%, but if you’re gonna play the role you gotta look the part.  And it’s okay to spend money on clothes/apparel/things with no real value, as long as they’re good quality and serve a purpose. ‘  It’s very non-superficial with him!


And in return he LOVES his fancy clothes that I have gracefully steered him to appreciate.

Win win.


Originally the NOLA space came with these massive black metal doors which in theory look really cool.  Unfortunately they take up too much space and logically they don’t make sense.  So we sold ‘em and decided to transfer the tall wooden doors from the outdoor patio space (now the bathrooms) to the front entrance.  This required outside skills and Chelo knew the guys for the job.

Two brothers, Argentine, very grumpy.  They constantly yell at each to shut up and just keep working, boludo.  Everyone does their best to stay out the way when they’re around.

Luckily, they know their wood!

They removed the doors, inverted some of the details, and built a frame connecting all four doors.  Ticol and I treated the wood to protect the doors from the sun, rain and overall anti-aging.  They’re installed and are looking beautiful!!  The glass still needs to be put in but that can wait ’til later.

And not only are these door eye candy, but they’re fancy wood!Apparently they were imported from Oregon back in the 1930s for the Llao Llao Hotel that was being built in Bariloche, an area of Argentina to the west covered in lakes and mountains.

The carpenters were very impressed when they first saw the doors and curiously asked how and where we got them.   It was cute to see these older men show such appreciation for something that so many wouldn’t think twice about.

Fortunately these brothers have a personal door collection that they allowed Ticol to browse through once they heard we were in the market for a few more doors.

We need – two for the bathrooms + 1 for the kitchen.Ticol and I discussed what we wanted and he went to check out their inventory on the opposite end of town.  He returned excited, showed me some photos and within a couple of days the doors arrived.

They need a lil treatment love, but they’re exactly what we were wanting!

Y’all like?!

Our kitchen door is hopefully arriving this week.  It’s going to be a swinging door, like a shutter cowboy style!!

It’s gonna be so good….. All of it, I can feel it!

¡Hasta la proxima!