Delicious New Orleans Recipes

Discover New Orleans recipes and techniques from Chef and Gourmets from Club Chef Simon as well as our Recipe selections!

  • Fricassee of duck and lobster

Gourmet Foxes-gumbo is the official dish of New Orleans. It is the result of impressive multiculturalism. French, Cajuns, Spanish, Barbadian, Jamaican, African, Creole. This cuisine is unique in its genre, it mixes traditional techniques of French cuisine, like The Making of a roux with the flavors of the New World.

  • Rockefeller Oysters

Regards Gourmets-created in 1899 in the restaurant of New Orleans Antoine’s by Jules Alciatore, the Rockefeller oyster recipe is an emblematic entry into the gastronomy of the American city. Here is our recipe which respects the main lines of the original one with however anisette and Peychaud rather than Pernaud.

  • Pecan pie

Foxes Gourmets-pecan pie is a dessert typical of New Orleans, French influence; it is the Amerindians who introduced the settlers to the pecan. It is also found in Quebec, where maple syrup generally replaces corn syrup. It is usually served in the fall but especially for Thanksgiving.

  • Sweet potatoes and rum-grated apples

A little gay in the quince-a tasty dessert and quite light, to taste the sweet potato salty version.

  • The Baudin cocktail

A little gay in the quince-a pungent variant of the classic sour whiskey from New Orleans.

  • Gumbo spun like New Orleans

A little gay in the fists – the real gumbo like in New Orleans, stewed at length and prepared from a well-grown redhead.

  • Jambalaya

Diana-the Louisiana Classic without shrimp.

  • Gumbo z herbs

A little gay in the quince – The gumbos, Louisiana, there are heaps of recipe different. This one, vegetarian, comes from the Cajun country and is traditionally prepared for Good Friday.

  • joseph’s aniseed Biscuits

A little gay in the quince-biscuits of Italian origin, prepared in the families of Sicilian descent of New Orleans for the Saint-Joseph.

  • New Orleans Muffuletta

Gourmet Foxes-muffuletta is a typical New Orleans sandwich. The gastronomy of this city is the combo of a crazy and beautiful cultural mix whose identity is defined by the way of cooking food (the inevitable red, frying, choking), the irresistible spices cajun, the peppers and the primordial “Holy Trinity” this mixture of pepper, celery, onions (although the mixture differs from the quarters…) which brings a unique taste to this kitchen. We think it was the Sicilians who brought that sandwich to Louisiana. Indeed the marinated salad that composes it is typical of this region of Italy.
Nevertheless, the idea of slipping it between two slices of bread to make it easier to eat is a creation of the Central Grocery on Decatur St. The choice of cold cuts or cheese may differ from place to place. We like this mixture, but it can easily be replaced. The quality of the ingredients is fundamental. Bread too and we strongly advise you to make it yourself or to find a good baker from whom you can get it.

  • Cocktail with strawberries and balsamic vinegar

A little gay in the quinces-a perfect spring cocktail. The shrub strawberries / balsamic is also delicious without alcohol, simply elongated with water.

  • Cocktail The ‘Brandy Crusta

A little gay in the coming-a pretty simple cocktail that dates back to 1860! The invention of a man named Santini in New Orleans. New of the time: the use of citrus in cocktails.