BA faves, Casa Naturista

Casa Naturista is my sanctuary.  Being a consciousness eater I like to feed my body with lots of grains and legumes, specifically beans, quinoa, and lentils.  Here in Argentina legumes are looked down upon, probably because the locals don’t know how to cook them properly since there’s no meat or maté involved.  Although some supers are starting to provide legumes, the variety is quite minimal with not so friendly prices.  At Casa Naturista the prices are lower than the super markets AND barrio chino and the quality is premium.

So, what does Casa Naturista sell?  Dried spices & herbs, black sugar, brown sugar, organic sugar, shitakes, hongos de pino, almonds, cashews & loads of other nuts, dried fruits, local honeys, imported teas, corn flour, garbanzo flour, oats, granola, spirulina, integral breads, fruit juices, tofu, CAYENNE pepper, peanut butter, tahini, fancy pastas, local jams, special salts & other condiments, black beans, YUMMY veggie tartas & soy empanadas, products for celiacs & diabetics, tabasco, coconut milk, AND TONS more.

Not only am I raising awareness about their quality products to enhance your dining experience and overall health, but I’m a BIG fan of supporting small businesses.  Casa Naturista opened up about 2 years ago with the intent to provide healthy non traditional (non tradition for here in Argentina) products to others without burning a hole in their pockets.  Service is sweet with a muy buena onda.

Casa Naturista

Serrano 1321 entre Niceto Vega y Cabrera (next to el Topo, yummy yummy churros)