BA Catch-Up

Things have been busy here in Buenos Aires!

Here’s a quick catch-up for y’all back home from my Instagram account.

Miss you all like crazy.  Come visit!

Stephanie booked her ticket!!

Biggest press accomplishment so far-  The New York Post!

Yes, I know.  It’s the trash newspaper for New Yorkers.

STILL!  I made it all the way to New York from Buenos Aires.

I’m proud.

Major props to my novio, Francisco, for all his hard work.  Couldn’t of done it without you.

Loads of vegetarian cooking at home lately.

This pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, hongos de pino, arugula, and Torrontes was simply divine.

Light yet substantial.

I got a new bike!

Story goes something like-

Liza getting her hair cut at the salon on a Saturday afternoon.  Boy arrives, taps on the window and excitedly points to the bike screaming, ‘es para vos gordita, es tuyas!!’

Liza responds a bit over excited, ‘que?!  que?!  pero no hice nada!!  ES PARA MI?!

She’s a looker.  I’ve been riding her all over Buenos Aires collecting things for NOLA, hence the gorgeous fall flowers for our grand table.

Roasting peanuts!

A first for me.

These are garlic and thyme pictured above.

My favorite so far is chili piquin and lime.

They’re sinfully addictive!!

One of my favorite houses in Buenos Aires.


Christmas came early this year.

And boy was I excited!!

The suegra generously handed over her great grandmother’s set of dishes.

Check out  the coffee set!

She’s a great addition at NOLA

New Sunday routine with the boy-

Burger Joint, one of my BA faves as you know, for juicy burgers and crispy fries!

Pickling like a mad woman in the kitchen lately!

These pickles are so great with a toasty grilled cheese and hot sauce.

If you fancy pickling at home you can find an easy recipe at Pick Up the Fork.

The girls over at Fuudis decided to put together the first Buenos Aires Food Week.

Very cool, chicas!

I  indulged  at Mullu for lunch.

Loved the ambiance, service and tasty Japanese-Peruvian infusion plates!

Europe is in three weeks!!

I’ve been ‘eating right’ and doing loads of jumping jacks, squats and yoga to get ready for beach madness in Croatia.

Anybody have any quiet beach suggestions?

There are just so many!

Spinach is in season in Buenos Aires.

These spinach quesadillas with chipotle alioli were a hit last week at Mexican Pop-Up!

Gorgeous building in crazy microcentre.

Fall has arrived, but the days are passing sunny and warm.

Another new addition at NOLA, these gorgeous benches at the grand table.

Things are coming along!

And a bit of Momo el gordo.

Still loving you, Buenos Aires.