Swamp Browies

My sister and I have been inseparable since crossing Lake Pontchartrain.

Between the humidity and heat index we’ve been locking ourselves in Dad’s house and enjoying the central air as it’s just too sticky to be outdoors.  In the mornings she has chicory coffee and I have yerba mate.  She edits while I do morning yoga.  Before you know it I’m flying around the house like a 12 year old on a serious mate high and find myself in the kitchen searching through every cabinet and drawer imaginable.

Super good times.  Way too much food.  

Dad’s kitchen is one of those dream kitchens that could be in a magazine.

Enough food to feed an army.  Every appliance you could think of.  Double sink.  Plenty of counter space.  Butcher blocks.  Fantastic pots & pans hanging from the ceiling.  It’s an encouraging work environment.

As I scoped out the scene I stumbled upon a box of Ghirardelli Ultimate Fudge Brownie Mix, a pariah in his pork & sausage obsessed kitchen.

Before you know it I’m telling sister about slutty brownies and we instantly start brainstorming.

With no cookie dough in the house we decided to go with Snickers, a great component for both salty peanuts & a bit of crunch.  And of course a big ole scoop of Blue Bell’s Homemade Vanilla to bring it all together.  Excessive?  I think soAs you can tell this is a serious bomb of a desert.

Nothing natural, nothing fresh.

Sometimes that’s okay.  Right?!

Yea, sometimes…

Long story short they came out a massive gooey mess!

Which is how we like our brownies, right?  Word.

I’m blaming myself for the excessive goo.  They were undercooked!  I tried to redeem them by putting them back in the oven but soon realized that wouldn’t work considering the fudge sauce was starting to boil and shit got crazy fast.

What do you think?

Stomach ache just looking at the photos?  Or you want to grab a spoon and get dirty?

I vote dirty.

Happy Monday!