Sunday Brunch at Fierro Hotel

I finally did it.  After two and a half years in Buenos Aires I can proudly say that I’ve had the Sunday brunch at the Fierro Hotel in Palermo Hollywood.

We had heard it’s reservation only so we called a few dance in advance and requested the table in the garden.

Four girlfriends, one birthday, and one I’m gonna be a momma announcement!

Service was excellent, as was the wine selection.  Maybe a bit too much food for my liking but for special occasions, why not?!

Fierro did not disappoint!  Well, the Bloody Mary was a massive letdown but everything else was a solid performance.

The pastry & fish were my favorite courses!

A quick recap of the pre-fixed menu (200 pesos, mas o menos)-

Fresh bread baskets with warm flaky medialunas!

Dulce de leche, butter & maracuya jam

fresh squeezed grapefruit & orange juice

seasonal fruit

Double shot of Blood Mary

perfect poached egg

humita (modern twist on a local corn dish)


Juicy shrimp with Latina flavors


veal sammie

Sautéed fish

brussels sprouts & fava beans

fruit puree (can’t remember what this was! def not beets)

goulash + spatzel

pistachio ice cream

crispy shell

raspberry smear