Southern Stuffed Cheese Nest

I’m not really sure what to say.

It’s one of those recipes that leaves you speechless.  Sheer pride in every bite.

I first saw the idea on the other side of the Atlantic a few months back.

I finally caved when I had access to good soft cheese & canned croissants.

She’s jazzed up with a lil New Orleans goodness.

Everything about her is magnificent.

And beyond simple.

You ready?

Grab a can of croissants (or do yourself a favor and make your own pate brisee or buttermilk pie crust) and your favorite cheese.

Roll out the croissant dough and place the cheese in the center and give her a jam bath.

Wrap her up and try to make sure she’s sealed well.

The first two times I used a Camembert & Brie and smothered on raspberry pepper jelly.

These two worked really well and the final result was more like a bread bowl with a pool of creamy melted cheese that we dunked apple slices, celery sticks & fancy crackers in.

Yesterday we stuffed her with smoked gouda and covered her in a local blueberry jalapeño jelly.  We sliced her up and drizzled more jelly on top.

Carefully place her on a greased tin and bake in the oven according to the cans directions.

Serve piping hot with extra pepper jelly on the side.

Now, the cheeses texture will dominate the future of this dish.

The soft cheeses like Camember & Brie will totally liquify and it’s a beautiful thing.  Like, really beautiful.

A semi/medium soft cheese will still hold its shape, which is great for serving slices and is a bit cleaner to eat.

Either way, you can’t go wrong, the dough makes for the perfect nest

Please do this!

And let me know which cheese & jam flavors you choose!

I promise next time I’ll make my own dough.  Maybe.

For those of you in Argentina, should we try it with a provoleta & tarta wrappers?!  OMG.  YES.