Delicate lunch at Social Paraiso

Sunday, you were so good to me.

Sunny skies, fall clothes, Don Draper, and leftover homemade cookies were all featured.

Lunch at Social Paraiso was the highlight.

Lunch with girlfriends is always the best.  Especially when you’re celebrating a promotion!

The long lunch went something like boy chat, Sauvignon Blanc, boy chat, bread basket, mental illness, marketing strategies, Paris, and of course, world domination.

Having so much to talk about we didn’t have the biggest appetites and decided to share two dishes, a shrimp appetizer and sorrentini

Sorrentini are like fatter ravioli.

These were stuffed with brie and walnuts and served with a sun-dried tomato and black olive sauce.  Delicate little pillows executed just perfectly.

The ambiance is charming, about 13 tables covered in white tablecloths, high brick ceilings and an open kitchen.

Their menu changes often and they offer a two course lunch for the price of 80 pesos, about $17 USD depending on your exchange rate.

There is one table hidden in the courtyard if you’re looking for privacy.

Portions are on the smaller side but the quality ingredients make up for it.

All in all she’s a lovely little place.

Social Paraiso

Honduras 5182 at Uriarte


Tuesday – Sunday 12 – 16h

Tuesday- Saturday 20h- close