Puppy Love

I am head over heals for Oliva.

We adopted her back in May when she was 6 weeks weighing 2.5 kilos, covered in fleas and a skin disorder.

I didn’t fall in love immediately, unlike Fran, lover of all plants and animals.

I remember after my first day of being home with her while Fran was at the restaurant I thought to myself, I’ll work all of his shifts so he can stay at home with her.  I’d much rather be cooking than doing this.

That thought made me feel like the worse dog mother ever.

There was just so much patience, cautious behavior, puppy turds.  Would I ever catch a break?  Is the cat going to annihilate her the moment I turn my back?

I knew I started to soften when I would place her on my chest for naps, petting her after she fell asleep and showering her in kisses.

No matter how much Fran begged he finally agreed to let her sleep on her own so we made her a bed out of a fruit/veg crate, a pillow and some old t-shirts.  She slept on her own like a good girl, never crying even while watching Mo jump into bed with us.

Momo (the cat) was so jealous at the beginning.  Well, more like mad truthfully.

I made sure to give him extra attention when I would get home while Fran and Oliva wagged their tales in excitement.

However I must admit that as much love as I have for her, I’m feeling it throughout different areas of my life.  Like for example, how all of a sudden the four of us feel like a family.

And me… the bad cop aka disciplinarian reminding her how she’s going to be an independent woman, that she needs to learn right from wrong, exercise and eat her vegetables.  And of course build her confidence through kind words and affection.

It has been a great test, all of it!  One that is ongoing, challenging and incredibly rewarding.

She’s made such an impact on me.  A dog!

Lesson- it’s not just about being there, physically with her, I have to pay attention to her.  Damn, motherhood is hard!

It’s almost like she forces me to be more present.  They say dogs read off each others energy.  If I’m flying high off of work stress or manifesting in something shitty that just happened, she’s picking up on that.  I don’t want her to be around my toxic energy.  So instead of mourning over the past or working myself up about the future, I’m just here, with her, trying to do something that will bring her happiness.

That makes me feel good.  Especially the fact that I can recognize it and make the conscience effort to be the person I want to be.

I like to read while she naps.  Especially when it involves the hammock and sunshine.  Sometimes she twitches while she sleeps.  I assume she’s dreaming and I pull her in tightly and try to calm her.  Sometime she even cries in her sleep.  This just melts my heart!!

I give her celery stalks every now and then and watch her go to the terrace and hide it behind a plant for later.  She just loves celery, strawberries and carrots.

At the beginning there was a lot of excitement pee happening.  Luckily that’s subsided but unfortunately has turned into jumping, something I’m having difficulties breaking.  Any advice?

My biggest concern was that her and Momo wouldn’t get along.  Mostly, Momo not accepting her.  Luckily, they’ve formed a solid relationship, which involves some morning kisses, Oliva fitting Mo’s entire head in her mouth and lots and lots of playing.

Momo has actually lost weight since her arrival!  He’s just the sweetest.  So regal and loving.

I love these furry animals and being here with Fran taking care of them together.

I’ve never really been on board about having children.  Like, never.  This experience is not changing those feelings.  However I am loving the family dynamic it has brought!

I mean, just look at this beast.  And you expect me to raise actually humans??

If you’re interested in adopting a dog here in Buenos Aires, look here.