Puerto Rican Pop-Up, Monday October 13

It’s about that time!

Another Pop-Up at Nola Gastropub, tomorrow Monday, October 13.

Get excited!!

We’re going island style with Chef Jose Alvarez who will be taking over the kitchen for the night with a Puerto Rican menu featuring five colorful dishes.

All I know is this…

– There will be plantains, both savory and sweet.  A trio of fried tostones served with shredded pork & pickled onions, and others that are seared in butter for a salad for all you vegetarians out there.

– Pulpo aka octopus!  Cooked confit.  YES, octopus confit!

– Traditional Puerto Rican beans and rice with grated plantains, pumpkin and herbs.

– Tres leches!  Originally Jose was wanting goat style but sadly we couldn’t find any fresh goats milk.  No importa, va a estar delicioso!

– HOMEMADE PINA COLADAS.  For real.  We’ve got coconuts.  There is rum.  Pineapples.  Shits gettin real.

– Puerto Rican salsa music!!

Oh my god I’m so excited.

And I get to help in the kitchen!  Yes, chef!  So freakin’ pumped to be working alongside such a talented mo fo.

As every Monday, doors open at 5 and close around midnight.

Our last Pop-Up the kitchen was sold out within 2-3 hours.  We’re preparing more, but still it’s best to come early!!

Happy Hour 5-8 with pints of Broeders on tap for 30 pesos.

No reservations, cash only and we’re in Palermo- Gorriti 4389 esquina a Julian Alvarez.

Hasta mañana amigos!