A healthy getaway at Puesto Viejo Polo Club

A couple of weeks back I had my first estancia experience just outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina at a place called Puesto Viejo Polo Club.  A day hasn’t gone by where I haven’t dreamt about my next visit.

I will give you the story and loads of photos….

First off for those of you outside of Argentina, an estancia is a Spanish/Portugese word for a large rural estate, similar to a ranch in English.  Argentina is full of them and they tend to focus on horse riding, relaxation and loads of meaty asados, the famous Argentine bbq.

The estancia that I stayed at is in Cañuelas, about an hour drive from Buenos Aires city, or a quick 15 minutes from the international airport, EZE.

It’s called Puesto Viejo Polo Club and their specialties are polo and vegetarian cuisine.

The estate is massive and it’s beyond gorgeous!

Everything was so perfectly manicured.  It was almost like a dream.

So many colors!

Endless amounts of gardens in full bloom, fresh cut grass and plenty of huge trees just begging for a nap in the shade.

My acupuncturist and I went together.  We grabbed the mini bus from Alto Palermo early Saturday and in about 70 minutes we pulled into Cañuelas.  Weather had predicted gloomy skies and 80% chance of rains (which did not please us one bit!) however not a drop was shed and it was full on sunshine for our entire stay.  Looks like our no rain vibes did the trick!

We apparently arrived on a crazy morning.

Ya see, two nights prior there was a wicked storm in Argentina and a tornado touched down in Cañuelas ripping up loads of trees, tearing off roofs and causing complete havoc!  This was hard to believe considering there was no debris to the naked eye, these guys must of cleaned up fast.

Upon arrival, Eirin, a friendly Norwegian, greeted us and showed us to our rooms to put our things down.  Wifi codes were given, along with breakfast and a tour of the grounds.

By this point I was starting to really swoon over everything.

Such great furniture, where do they do their shopping?!

The bedding was beyond five stars and the kindness from the staff and other guests really made you feel welcome.

We changed up and headed to one of the outdoor areas where the table was set as lunch was being served.

We joined the other guests and got to chatting while a colorful spread was served, all vegetarian and all tasty and packing flavor.NOLAchef-buenos-aires-argentina-canuelas-estancia-polo-clun-vegetarian-cuisineYou know I must say that this place is doing a really good job with the food.

It’s not easy finding places that do a wide spread of vegetarian cuisine that’s so well executed.  I still think about that spinach tart and it’s perfect crust….

After lunch we threw on our suits, grabbed the mate and did some exploring.

Laughter and smiles were nonstop and eventually we made our way to the pool where we chatted with a friendly blonde who worked as a groom (someone who takes care of the Polo horses).  I sat with wide eyes asking loads of questions as my introduction to the Polo scene began.  Such fascinating tales and a crazy world I’ve never tapped into.  The stories of money, scandals, sex, glamour, it was all so alluring!NOLAchef-buenos-aires-argentina-canuelas-estancia-polo-clun-vegetarian-cuisineTime passed and we snuck off to the shade for tea and biscuits while planning Argentina domination.

So many ideas….!

At 8 we headed to the dining room and were offered a glass of white by the other guests who had already arrived.

We all dined together on a healthy dinner of quinoa & summer vegetable soup and stuffed butternut squash.

Bellies full and cheeks sore from laughing we made our way back to our rooms and called it a night.

The next morning the sun was shining and we decided to check out the stables, after all, we’re at a Polo estancia!NOLAchef-buenos-aires-argentina-canuelas-estancia-polo-clun-vegetarian-cuisineThis was a bit much for us!!

Lauren and I aren’t really horse people.

They’re just so big and powerful!  But mostly unfamiliar.

I was over it after 30 seconds and probably wont do it again.

And even though I was relaxed the whole 15 minutes I was up there I kept thinking, ‘wow if I really hurt myself then I’ll have to shut my business down until I heal.’  I swear ever since I broke my ankle last year I’m so much more aware of injury and I gotta admit, it’s not very fun damnit!


We made our way back to the pool for a quick dip, shoved our things into our bags, lunched on fresh fish & vegetables and jumped in a car to head back to the city.

All in all, an unforgettable experience.  And a great way to escape the chaos in Buenos Aires.

I’m actually packing my bags now because I’m going back this weekend for a second dose!

2 girlfriends + new yoga mats + bikinis = Giddy Liza!

If you’re interested in visiting Puesto Viejo Polo Club check out their site here.  It’s a bit old school but who cares!

If you can’t stay for the night they also do day rates that include riding, pool, lunch and tea time.

And make sure you tell Eirin that NOLAchef sent you and to share photos via Twitter or Facebook.  I love hearing about y’alls adventures too!