Pescado por la parrilla

Do yourself a favor and journey over to barrio chino on a Wednesday morning.

Make your way to the back of Asia Oriental and pick out a whole trout (trucha).

Being Wednesday it’s guaranteed to be fresh, but always double-check when you’re purchasing swimmers.

A fresh fish should- smell like the ocean not fishy, be shiny and firm with eyes that fill the socket, have red bloody gills, scales intact and last but not least have a tight anus.

How one is supposed to check/know where the anus of a fish surpasses my culinary knowledge but hey that’s what they taught us in school.

Bueno, once you’ve decided on a fish have one of the guys behind the counter remove the scales, cut off the head and slice it down the center, cleaning out any and all guts.  Head to the produce section and scoop up a couple of lemons, garlic, and fresh herbs (thyme, dill, cilantro).  Check out and return home.

Assemble your parrilla.  ALWAYS use wood (over charcoals) when possible.  While it’s heating prep the fish.  Begin by showering him off under cold running water.  Grab yourself  a kitchen towel and gently pat him dry.  Smash some garlic cloves, quarter your lemon, and wash the herbs.  Rube the fish with olive oil and generously season with salt and pepper.

Once the parrilla is ready gently place the fish on the grill, skin side down.  Once he’s there DO NOT MOVE HIM, flip or rotate.  You will cook him 100% in this position.  If you attempt to move he will stick and you will tear the flesh.

Place the garlic cloves, lemon slices and herbs on top of the fish and cook til the flesh is firm.  Carefully transfer the (the skin shouldn’t stick) fish and sprinkle with fresh lemon.  Serve immediately alongside rice, grilled veggies, salad.