Palermo Hollywood & Bar du Marche

V and I have been trying to get together for weeks but have been stuck in the kitchen with no time to spare.

After organizing, canceling and coordinating over and over we finally had a date.

A three hour window.  No kitchen.  No boys.  Just us.

I grabbed my camera, threw on my favorite Parisian skirt and walked over from Soho to Palermo Hollywood  to pick up V.

We headed to a few vintage shops (all which were closed) and then grabbed a table out front at Bar du Marche.

Not having much of an appetite we browsed through the extensive wine list and agreed on a mini decanter of Las Perdices Albariño, to start.

Fresh bread and olive tapenade were brought to the table and we quickly got to chatting.

V and I are new friends but it feels like we’ve known each other for decades!

She’s a Texan girl, married to an Argentino and the two of them just opened a restaurant in Hollywood.

We talked about life in Argentina vs. the USA, proposal stories, and future plans while we sipped our vino blanco.

After going on and on about anything and everything we decided to order a cheese plate of all the goat & sheep cheese they carried.

We excitedly squirmed in our seats with each bite.

Great cheese is just so damn delightful and you don’t get nearly enough of it in Buenos Aires!

As the queue grew we finished up, grabbed the check and headed out.

With the weather being so Spring perfect we walked through the barrio pointing out our favorite buildings.

We returned to the vintage shops once again with no luck.

Both places were closed even though their hours stated otherwise.

Come on, Hollywood!

Probably for the best as I’m saving up all my pesos for more acupuncture…

As we weren’t ready to part ways we decided to grab some to-go tea and continue our walk.

So many great spots in Palermo Hollywood.

And I love how the streets aren’t packed with tourists like my side of Palermo.

So much more refreshing.

So many great trees!

As the clock ticked  we said our goodbyes and promised to see each other every week.

Nothing like a new friendship.  So exciting.

Hopefully this one sticks!

Three of my best friends from BA have escaped Argentina and another one is out the door once the new year comes.

I can’t take it anymore.  It’s like a breakup but worse because neither party did anything wrong.

Such bullshit.


A big cheers to friendships.  New, old and all over the world.