Oysters & red tuna at Crizia


Francisco took me to dinner at Crizia in Palermo Soho a few weeks back during Buenos Aires Food Week.

We had walked by it hundreds of times in the neighborhood but never stepped in.

I made a reservation, got all fancy and we arrived just in time.

I must admit I was quite taken back.

The ambiance is fabulous and there’s something about it that makes you feel like you’re not in Buenos Aires anymore.

More of a New York City feel.  Very dim and lounge like.  Excellent service.

We looked through the BA Food Week menu and I went for seafood and Francisco the land animals.

You’re not going to find many oysters on the half shell in Argentina nor red tuna, two items Crizia serves full time.


The oysters were big and a little chewy but still fresh and tasted like the ocean.  I could have eaten a dozen.

Two types of Tabasco are served with them along with lemon and a red onion vinegar dressing.

For our mains Francisco chose the lamb with cous cous and I the red tuna with vegetables, ginger foam, and mixed herbs.

Both flavors were great however both proteins seemed like they took a beating.  The tuna was overcooked and I’m not sure if it was freezer burnt or what, but it just didn’t work.  The vegetables and herbs were sensational.  Half of Francisco’s lamb was fall apart tender and the other half was leather like.  We couldn’t really figure it out.

NOLAchef-crizia-palermo-buenos-aires-oystersNOLAchef-crizia-palermo-buenos-aires-oystersBut ya know, maybe we just had an off night!

My busty blonde friend went a few weeks prior and she said the tuna melted in her mouth.  So who knows.  Timing?

After cubierto, vino, and the BA Food Week promotions the bill was just shy of 700 pesos, quite hefty, but no complaints given the oysters and ambiance.