NEWS ALERT, Arepa delivery in Buenos Aires

I had heard about it a couple weeks back from the blonde at Pick up the Fork.  She’s been claiming that arepas are the new black.

I concur!

She mentioned La Arepería de Buenos Aires, one of a few new arepa delivery services to hit Buenos Aires.

Last night I finally had them.

A bag of 6 were delivered.  3 white, 3 yellow.  All stuffed with cheese.

We tossed them on the grill until they were super toasty and served them with fresh mango, guacamole and tomato.

Simply divine!

My next order will be the masa blanca.  As much as I loved these I prefer to stuff & shape them myself.

You can find the menu and contact info of La Arepería de Buenos Aires here.

Gracias, Rubia!