New York Part II

The morning after dinner with D and her family I woke to an apartment full of sleeping beauties.

Stephanie and Dara in the living room, Noey and I in the bedroom.

I put on some water for mate and crawled onto the sofa with the girls while we giggled about the night before.

Next thing Dara is showing me and Steph her favorite app, Heads Up, and we immediately get hooked.

Hours went by and our cheeks and stomaches were sore from laughing.  Especially after Noey shattered a glass when she attempted a go at Heads Up.  A highlight of the morning, fo sho!

We cleaned ourselves up and made our way outdoors in the early afternoon.

Ippudo ramen was attempted but quickly shot down after the hour plus queue was announced.

We headed towards Central Park grabbed a quick slice from Bella Vida and called in an order to Burger Joint at the Parker Meridian.

We chose a stoop outside of the hotel, sat down and shared burgers, fries and orange soda.NOLAchef-new-york-travel-buenos-aires-palm-reading-burger-jointNOLAchef-new-york-travel-buenos-aires-palm-reading-burger-jointNOLAchef-new-york-travel-buenos-aires-palm-reading-burger-jointSteph spotted a Palm Readings sign next to our stoop and we rang the bell.

We negotiated a price, ran to the ATM and D was in the hot seat before you know it!

I followed, then Steph.

The woman was quite good!

She had me going especially when she told me that a large sum of money was coming my way, that October was going to be a big month and that I was born with luck on my side and creative hands.  What else?  That white is my color and that my energy number is 11.

But when she dropped the bomb that I was going to have FOUR CHILDREN and three pregnancies I kind of had a big giggle and began to loose faith.  After the baby and soul mate talk I was told that I’m not a believer, that I’m all or nothing. Black and white, no grey with me.  100% or nada.  That sounded about right.As we walked away comparing fortunes we came across a hilarious old school Italian restaurant and grabbed a table for cheesecake, tiramisu and coffee.

The other patrons were well into their 80′s and everyone looked at us like we were clowns.

Something about us girls when we’re together, we can’t help but attract attention.

I blame napkin head!NOLAchef-new-york-travel-buenos-aires-palm-reading-burger-joint

Stephanie aka shaky shaky hands couldn’t seem to hold her coffee without spilling it everywhere.

We tried to calm ourselves down but it just seemed impossible.

After agreeing that a movie & pasta in bed was next on the agenda we ordered the penne with vodka sauce paid the bill and strolled down 7th Avenue in search of the New York Lottery.

I mean, hey, the woman said a big sum of money was heading my way and the Powerball was at like 200+ million bucks!!

Like three small children jacked up on way too much sugar we picked our numbers in the most creative way possible convinced that we were going to win.

So.  Much.  Fun.NOLAchef-new-york-travel-buenos-aires-palm-reading-burger-joint

A quick stop at American Apparel and we were back at Noeys with our lotto tickets, a big bowl of pasta and Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion happened to be starting.

Well, little did I know that Powerball ticket wasn’t the only ticket I’d be getting that day!

Ya see I couldn’t find my Metro Card and I was pissed because I had just put twenty bucks on it!

Steph had an extra that I tried but it was out of fare.   So instead of buying a new one I snuck in behind her.  All good, right?

No, not really!  Not at Port Authority apparently!

30 seconds later we were ticketed by the NYPD.

Lea, I totally blame you + Paris for insisting on sneaking me on the train all summer long!!

But we didn’t care.  At midnight we were going to be gazillionaires and a measly hundred dollar ticket would be chunk change.


Steph and I parted ways at Houston and I made my way up 2nd Avenue to Chef Wylie Dufresne’s Alder, his latest restaurant in the East Village where the scene was just too dark for any good food photos.

We had sake, wine and high tech food.

The pastrami on rye ‘pasta’ was so interesting and the stuffed squash blossoms were the tables favorite.

The four of us reminsced about our time together in Buenos Aires and how Becca was on the fence about moving to Japan.

We grabbed an after dinner drink at a bar close by and Noey and I headed uptown shortly after.

My energy level was finally tapping out./spring-strawberries//spring-strawberries/But unfortunately that didn’t stop us and we wound up having deep dark conversations over Old Fashions at one of the cities best hidden gems.

A proper speak easy bar completely off the grid full of actors, producers and directors from the neighboring theatre district.

Loved this spot.

Only in New York…