New obsession, El Preferido

Parrilla el 22 you have now been replaced as my weekend lunch spot.  Yes, I will miss your porteño charisma and cheesy provoletas con papas provencal but this girl is crossing Cordoba for her Saturday afternoon treat.

Not only is the tree lined Palermo block a beauty but their prices are totally decent and I don’t leave with a bomb in my stomach and killer garlic breath.  Oh yes, I am so excited about this new relationship.

And all thanks to the saucy owner of   

Rabas (fried squid aka calamari) served with light, thin, not too crunchy but some crunch papitas  A nice sprinkle of parsley and lots of lemon on the side. Thank you.  Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

The rabas weren’t chewy, greasy, or overcooked and the portion, price (55 pesos, 13 dollars), and outside seating made it all the more memorable.

After seeing a bowl of mushrooms (Cazuelita de Champignon a la Provenzal) go out to a nearby table we decide to take an order along with a sandwich of  jamon crudo, lettuce and tomato.  The mushrooms were tasty but I wasn’t feeling the prosciutto sandwich too much.  The bread was shit (standard white choripan bread) but the prosciutto was VERY nice.  Why serve it on that terrible bread?!!  It didn’t work, luckily the tomato slice was fat and juicy but there was no balance and the jamon crudo was tough to bite.

Overall, una experencia muy muy buena.  Not only was the service good (shocking for here) and the ambiance perfection- stool seating and giant jars of pickled or marinated vegetables inside and quiet corner block outside, but the tab was very reasonable.  We were two and shared a glass of nice Malbec, bottle of water, rabas con papas, fancy mushrooms, and a prosciutto sandwich all for 120 pesos.

Next week I’ll be back for more rabas and the Picada Vegetal– an assortment of pickles, baby corn, pepers, olives, hearts of palm, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, potatoes with herbs, beans, cherry tomatoes, eggplant and swiss chard.  I have a gut feeling that not much will disappoint from this place, and that’s huge for the restaurant scene in BA.  Nos vemos pronto, El Preferido.

El Preferido de Palermo

4774.6585, they deliver

Jorge L. Borges 2108

Monday – Saturday: 12pm – 4pm, 8pm – closing