Mardi Gras celebrations at Nola!

Hola hola!

How is everyone?  Cold?  Melting?  Happy with 2015 so far?

Things are good here.  Other than the mosquitos!

I swear they’re breeding in my apartment.  It’s actually something I’m trying to figure out.  They love my closets!!  And the kitchen.  What’s up with that?  Don’t they need to breed in water?  Every time I open one of the closet doors (yes, one of them, we have like 10!  Amazeballs, I know.) like 20+ mosquitos fly out.  WHAT DO I DO ABOUT THIS?  Seriously, tell me.

On to more exciting things… Mardi Gras is around the corner!


If you’re unfamiliar with the magic of Mardi Gras check out this informative photo gallery by Time.

As a New Orleans native I have such mixed feelings about Carnival season.  A part of me LOVES it.  So much color, music, high spirits, day drinking, anything goes.  On the other hand you’re dealing with loads of traffic, crowds, crime, and heaps of drunken tourists.



I must admit my favorite parts of Mardi Gras are the decorative floats, costumes and marching bands.

The energy is so consuming, there is just so much stimulation.

Since I’m all the way down in Buenos Aires we figured we’d have our own celebration at Nola here in Palermo!

Originally we were going to ask the city for a permit and have the street closed down for a massive block party.  Then we gave it some more thought and decided that pissing off all the neighbors wasn’t the route to go.  So we’ll just have a big celebration the old fashioned way!


Now even though Mardi Gras is fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday the start of Lent season, we’re celebrating on Monday, February 16.  Also known as Lundi Gras!

As always doors open at 5 with happy hour til 8.  Kitchens open from 5-11:30.

The regular NOLA menu will be on offer along with a few festive dishes.  I’m thinking- boudin, jambalaya, cornbread, pork pate and (fingers crossed) king cake!  This is just a rough draft, will keep you posted as confirmation is made.

NOLA style cocktails will also be on special.  We’re juggling between sazeracs, hurricanes, mint juleps, bloodies, and some sort of bubble concoction to go with this Summer weather!

Any boozy suggestions?

As always we don’t take reservations nor mala onda!  (Not sure if it’s the heat or what, but we’ve had some pretty douchey people in lately.  If you’ve got a bad attitude, you can walk right on out, y’all!)

After all, laissez les bon temps rouler!  (Our saying in New Orleans!  It’s French for let the good times roll!)

Feel free to come in costume or covered in beads.  The more festive, the better!

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Safe Mardi Gras season to all!