Mar Azul, Argentina

Situated on the coast about 4 hours south of Buenos Aires lies Mar Azul, a small beach town covered in pine trees.  It’s the perfect winter getaway for those who don’t want to be bothered, with anything.  High season runs from November- March where the cabañas and restaurants are stocked with tourists and their screaming children escaping the city heat for beach time and fried calamari.

In the off-season you will only come across stray dogs, covered pools and wacky locals .  The quiet dirt roads are lined with vacant fairy-tale like cottages making the perfect setting for a brewing thriller.  So grab a laptop and yoga mat and prepare yourself for a solitary winter hideout.

Nowadays in the off-season one must travel to a surrounding town to find a restaurant serving weekend lunch.  And although these restaurants are overflowing with carne y pasta, opt for the fresh local seafood.  After all, you’re on the coast.  Indulge a little!