Lunch at Lucky Rooster, NOLA

In a city with such a rich food scene deciding on where to eat can be such a task!

How does one choose when there are so many options?

Do you go with the older classic New Orleans dives or one of the many new establishments that are putting a modern twist on local ingredients?

My NOLA bestie suggested Lucky Rooster which was a perfect mix of the past and present.

The guys from Juan’s Flying Burrito (think New Orleans meets Mexico casual, spicy, fun and been around for over ten years) and Chef Neal Swinder got together and opened up Lucky Rooster in the CBD focusing on Asian street and market food.

Lucky Rooster is a noodle & dumpling house.  The flavors are big and the wine list is long and very German.  Crab and shrimp appear on the menu often and there are catchy categories like Slurp, Munch, Crunch and Happy Endings.

It’s challenging to order.  You’ve been warned!  Everything reads well.  For me it was a toss-up of the Enchanting Mermaid  (Ginger Shrimp, Blue Crab Claws, Sweet Corn and Baby Bok Choy in Thai Coconut Broth with Sticky Rice) and the Shrimp and Crab Chirashi Stack (Cucumber Wasabi Salad, Avocado and Mango Soy Dressing).  The Summer weather made my decision and I went with the Stack.

And the steam buns are off the chain!  We had two orders of the Red Ginger Shrimp and Korean Sticky Beef as starters.  Crunchy Shrimp Spring Rolls were also ordered, and unfortunately they didn’t shine like the others.


It’s a great spot.  Fantastic first impression.

So if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in New Orleans, do yourself a favor and head to Lucky Rooster!  It’s a refreshing palate cleanser and a nice break from the rich sauces and fried everything.  Prices are good.  We paid $20 USD each and walked out with leftovers.

Lucky Rooster

515 Baronne 


Monday – Saturday lunch & dinner (minus dinner on Monday’s)