Little life changes

So many new things in my life are happening.

Some of them I am consciously changing, and others are sneaking their way in but somehow seem to connect with other variables of my life.  (Does that even make sense?)

It all started a couple of weeks ago when I started obsessing over Oprah videos on Youtube.

I know.  I have officially become weirder (in every brilliant way possible) and highly suggest you watch this one and that one.  They’ve made some serious impacts.  The overall message- believe in yourself.  Listen to that inner voice, follow it with an open heart and a calm mind, visualize it and greater things will come.

Within these last few days an immense amount of silence has come into my life.  I am so grateful for this as it’s exactly what I need to help balance my work life.  My mornings start with yoga and meditation which sets a calming present tone to my day that I try to hold on to throughout the daily obstacles.

I started a gratitude journal!

Every night as I settle down I take 10 minutes and reflect on my day.  I write in my, ‘Today I am grateful for…’ notebook at least 5 things that happened that day that I’m grateful for.  The idea being- your day and perception changes completely, as now you are living your day looking for things to be grateful for.  That no matter where you are in your life if you can be grateful for what you have you will begin to see that you have so much more.

I love this.  Possibly more than the warm gooey chocolate chip cookie that I’m having now at LAB!  (Note to self- grateful for Pick up the Fork and all of her fatty BA reco’s.

Another change-  I’m a reading fool!

It all started when The Londoner mentioned she was reading The Woman I Want to Be by DVF.  I was in Rio at the time and in need of new material so I picked up my kindle and began downloading it without thinking twice.  I absolutely loved it.  I, yes I, the BA fried chicken queen, connected with high fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg on so many levels.  (You’ll find some of my favorite quotes from the book throughout this post.)
And ever since I finished I haven’t been able to put my kindle down!

Currently I’m half way through Choose Yourself! by James Altucher which is all about building your personal finance by daily bettering yourself 1% physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  With this Daily Practice as he calls it we build a solid foundation which then enables us to think better resulting in a more fulfilled life.  It’s a good read, especially if you’re looking to take charge of your professional life.  Throughout the book I keep thinking to myself- what’s my next move?  Where do I go from here?  What’s NOLA’s future?  What do I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE?

A massive thanks to Ezequiel for sending over the continuation!  So amazing how social media can open so many doors, right?!

Speaking of!  That’s how this ball got rolling.  I was on Instagram and stumbled upon one of Joy’s photos, which brought me to her blog which then linked me to Oprah on Youtube.  I absolutely love the interview with Jim Carrey.  Who would of thought that Jim Carrey would have brought O and the world so much clarity!

So thank you, Joy!  Because of you my eyes were opened and in return my spirit is shining brightly.  Have you seen her Soul Sunday series?!  I have so much catching up to do…

And the timing has been just brilliant.

With so much curiosity on my end to keep feeding myself with this knowledge, Fran has popped over to Cordoba for a few days for a mans trip.  So here I am with the animals and a quiet house, the perfect stage for me to tap in even deeper.

Monday night I went to bed at 9:30.  9:30!!!  I woke up at 8 in the morning thinking to myself, did that really just happen?  It did and I want more.

It’s been a good start to the week.

I hope it has been for you all as well!