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La Boqueria & La Champaneria Barcelona Spain


The time has come!

La Boqueria and I united.

The crew woke up early as the sun beamed through the windows and we were out the door before the late morning rush.

First stop, the market.

At first it was a bit overwhelming.  So many vendors.  So many products!

We decided to start from the left and work our way over to the right, slowly grazing down each isle and taking it all in.

Melón and I were in heaven.  Two cooks in the cities best market trying different produce and acting like silly giddy children.  Fantastico

Any and every fruit and vegetable is available at La Boqueria.

Fresh, colorful and high energy describes it best.

NOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-las-ramblasNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-las-ramblasNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-las-ramblasNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-las-ramblas  NOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-las-ramblasNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-las-ramblasNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-las-ramblasNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-las-ramblasNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-las-ramblas


After munching on fresh dragon fruit, cherries and jamon crudo we headed to one of the cafes bordering the market, grabbed a table and sat down for a quick bite of grilled squid and the best rabas (fried calamari) that we had thus far.

Truthfully this was the best food that we had at this point on the trip!

Something about the fresh quality of the seafood and the simplicity of it’s preparations just really made it shine.

The calamari batter was so light and airy.  No dipping aioli was necessary, just a light squeeze of citrus and dash of salt.


NOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-las-ramblasNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-las-ramblasAfter snacks Joacqo pulled up on his Vespa and we headed to La Champaneria, a whole in the wall serving some of the cities best cured meats and their homemade cava red sparkling.

I loved this place!!

It was the best morcilla (blood sausage) I’ve ever come across and the place was just buzzing with excitement, hunger and endless cava.

We munched on chorizo, cured hams, cured tuna, bocata, and a few bottles of their famous bubbles.

NOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-las-ramblasNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-las-ramblasNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-las-ramblasNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-la-champaneriaNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-la-champaneriaNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-la-champaneriaNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-la-champaneriaNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-la-champaneriaNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-la-champaneriaNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-la-champaneriaNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-la-champaneriaNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-la-champaneriaNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-la-champaneriaNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-la-champaneriaNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-la-champaneriaNOLAchef-la-boqueria-barcelona-spain-la-champaneriaSo much fun.

Joacqo, you know all the cities gems.

Gracias, genio, te quiero un montón!