Huacachina, Peru

Huacachina is a small oasis located in Southwest Peru near Ica, the biggest drug trafficking city in Peru.

The oasis is surrounded by giant sand dunes bordered with palm trees and pisco vineyards.

We decided to stop here after chatting with an Aussie in Cartagena who said Huacachina was a MUST if traveling through Peru.

We arrived at night after a four hour bus ride from Lima unaware that we’d wake up in such a surreal location.

Huacachina was a seriously sunny and hot transition coming from gloomy Lima.

Sand boarding is the biggest attraction in Huacachina, and it’s AMAZING.

Talk about a rush of adrenaline.

Picture… dune buggies to the top, and then sliding down HIGH STEEP sand dunes head first going SUPER fast.

I was scared shitless before taking on the first dune, they are seriously high!!!!

But I sucked it up and 15 seconds later at the bottom of the hill I couldn’t of felt more alive.

Rock.  On.  Huacachina.

Another big attraction is pisco tours.

You pay a taxi driver 15 soles ($5 US) and he takes you to three different vineyards aka bodegas over the course of 2 hours.  The price includes entrances, tours and endless pisco tastings.


All in all, Huacachina was quite bad ass.

In between activities we lounged by the pool & lagoon, ate ice cream, and drank fizzy pisco sours.

Thanks, Huacachina, you were memorable.