grilled cheese & pickle sammie

Weekend lunching in trendy Palermo can be exhausting.  The couple cafes that are worthy of your time and appetite are overflowing with diners and service is generally dreadful.

We’ve been avoiding the crowds and staying in whipping up some inexpensive & tasty dishes all in the comfort of our home.

The meals are mostly vegetarian and are centered around leftovers from the previous nights service.

Aaaand they’re a bit on the naughty side after eating right throughout the week.

A girls gotta reward herself for good behavior, no?!!

Rarely do I buy bread for the house.  If we’re having bread, I’m making it.

Well not on Saturday mornings!  Saturday mornings are for sliced bread.

And my favorite dish with sliced bread-  grilled cheese with pickles.

What is it about grilled cheese sandwiches?

Is it strictly because it’s bread and cheese, the two most dangerous food groups?  Or maybe it’s the toast factor resulting in melty cheese?

Whatever it is, it’s totally worth the guaranteed stomach bomb.

This is a bit of a deluxe grilled cheese.



Green onions.

Jalapeno puree.

Heaps of butter and cheese.

FAIR WARNING-  eat a normal portion.  You’ll want more.  Possibly two sandwiches.  They’re that good.  Don’t.  Trust!!

Serve some greens on the side.  They’ll help with digestion and all that.

Grilled Cheese & Pickle Sammie  ::

  • sliced bread, generously buttered on one side
  • sliced pickles
  • tomato, sliced & seasoned with olive oil, salt & pepper
  • green onions, sliced
  • jalapeno puree (charred jalapenos- stems removed- blender- start & drizzle in oil- salt)
  • cheese, sliced (pick your fave, I stuck with the Argie classic queso cremoso
  • salt

If you have a grill cast iron use it.  They work the best.  Make sure she’s smokin’ hot.  This will get you that crispy charred crust you’re going for.

Make sure all your mise en place are prepped, she’s a quickie.

Take your buttered bread and smear jalapeno puree on the naked side.  So-  one side butter, one side jalapeno puree.

Place the butter side onto the pan and start adding your cheese.

Next up sprinkle on green onions, add a layer of tomatos and then the pickles.  Give it a sprinkle of salt and place the other slice of bread on top, jalapeno side pressing against the pickles.

Carefully press down with spatula.  I like to use my fish spatula when making grilled cheese!

After a couple minutes flip your sandwich and give it another press.

I prefer mine a bit burnt & crispy, but keep your eyes on it they cook fast!

Devour immediately and saveur every bite.