First class dinner, Tegui


Thursday was La Cabrera for lunch then dinner at Las Pizarras before heading to Chascomus for horseback riding under the full moon.  Saturday was the whole pig asado, the BEST asado I’ve ever had.  Tuesday was an UNFORGETTABLE dinner at Tegui after fancy drinks at ocho 7 ocho.  Tonight will be Cafe San Juan.  Clearly I will be arriving to NYC a little more gorda than usual.  I’m fine with that.  It was worth every bite and I plan on continuing this behavior over the next 3 weeks when I’m back in New York and New Orleans.  Luckily winter will be approaching Buenos Aires once we return which means baggy sweaters and lots of tights.

Bueno, if I had to pick a favorite from my friends culinary visit, I’d have to go with Tegui.  And it better be, IT IS NOT CHEAP.

The menu changes weekly, the ambiance is modern and very open, and the service is flawless.  Oh yes, and the waiters are dead sexy.  Like, fuerte sexy.

The way it works is you have the option of ordering one course, two courses, or three courses for a fixed price picking whichever dishes you prefer.  I wish I could give you specifics about the menu, but I’m still in a blissful trance and can’t seem to make the proper connections.  We had everything from milky burrata to smoked rabbit to proscuitto stuffed figs in almond gazpacho (pictured above) to octopus to brussels sprout ravioli (!!) to falling apart pork with apples to veal with a volcano of mashed potatoes topped with a poached egg to seared foie grass to INSANELY good desserts and all accompanied with local Pinot Noir and Malbec-Cab-Bonarda blends.

I can’t wait til the day where I can afford to eat here on a monthly basis.  Between the 8 of us the bill was just shy of 4,000 pesos.


Costa Rica 5852 between Ravignani y Carranza (look for the graffiti walls and the black door)