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Fall Zen Workshop, Saturday March 22 in Palermo

Exciting news y’all!

Acupuncture Buenos Aires and I are hosting a workshop here in Palermo on Saturday, March 22.

The workshop is called Fall Zen and will be the first of many urban retreats we’ll be offering with an emphasis on healing through Chinese Medicine.

This particular workshop will focus on the transition of Summer to Fall and how we can prepare ourselves for the change of seasons through yoga, acupuncture and diet.


Fall Zen will begin with a rooftop Yin Yoga session which helps restore your energy in both a calming and rejuvenating manner.

Guided mediation will follow which will end in Shvasana with Lauren performing acupuncture to help get our Chi circulating and take the healing process to a deeper level.

Herbal tea will be served along with journaling exercises focusing on letting go of the Summer and welcoming in the Fall.

Next we’ll be exploring the Metal Element associated with Fall as well as seasonal food prepared in accordance with the wisdom of medicinal properties of diet in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We’ll then continue with a cooking demonstration and finish with a light lunch.


Fall Zen Workshop will take place Saturday, March 22 at 10am in Palermo Viejo.

The price is 700 pesos and space is limited to 10 guests, half of which are reserved.

The workshop will be 3-4 hours and you can find more information on the Facebook invite.

If you’re interested in joining Fall Zen please send us email to reserve your spot!