Escaping to Tigre

My Argentine family organized the perfect escape from the city a couple weeks back.

Colorful private cabañas.

Picturesque and jungle like.

Swimming, sunbathing, kayaks and asados.

And only 30 minutes from the city!

Where to?  Tigre aka the North Delta.

If you’re living in Buenos Aires or just visiting I very much encourage you to take a trip to Tigre!  Stay overnight.  If you just have the day to spare still go, but two or three days is ideal if you have the time!

We drove from the city (about 30 minutes in car), parked and headed to the port to grab our tickets.  From the port it was about a 20 minute boat ride stopping at different docks and letting other passengers off.

You’ll need to bring a good bit with you if you plan on staying over night.

There aren’t too many tasty spots to eat at and zero grocery stores.  No cars are on the islands so inventory is bleak.

We stocked up on fruit, Rosé, & veggies and a pig for the grill!

After lugging everything to our campsite we excitedly picked cabins, threw on our suits and headed to the pool.

The boys kayaked while the girls read and played with baby Emma, the star of my Argentine family.

Come nightfall we lit the parrilla and threw on a little friend from a nearby farm.

We discussed holiday plans, future trips, and jammed out to 80’s hits.

Hours later we gathered around the table and stuffed ourselves with succulent pig, grilled vegetables and Malbec.

It was so barbaric (I freakin’ loved it!).

Watching the men bring the pig over on big tablas (wooden cutting boards) and portioning him off while everyone waited with big eyes, fork and knife in hand, it was so thrilling!!

The next morning we  had mate and listened to the boys telling stories of big spiders they oh so bravely fought before bed time.

I snuck off for a bit and had some time to myself to finish Just Kids, a magical story that I strongly recommend.

I sat on my porch and stared off into the woods thinking about Patti Smith and how everyone’s story is so different yet so similar.

After lunch we packed our bags and said goodbye to our little orange cabin.

Tigre, you were exactly what the doctor ordered.

A bit of well deserved r&r and a slap of nature after the November rush.

If you’re planning a getaway to Tigre and are interested in booking for a night or two I highly recommend where we stayed, El Gran Pez.  It was simple, affordable and the local owners are kind and hard workers.