Mexican chilaquiles

The BEST part about working morning shifts at Hecho en Dumbo was the variety of chilaquiles served at family meal.

Traditionally eaten for breakfast, chilaquiles is a resourceful way to use up any leftover tortillas and salsas as well as ensure a fast recovery to a wicked hangover.

How?  Chilis contain capsaicin, a chemical that acts as a natural pain-killer.

Not only does capsaicin release endorphins that make us feel better, it helps lower cholesterol, detoxes our bodies (especially mucus), increases our metabolism, and fight inflammation.

AND, it’s super beneficial to our lungs.  So all you smokers out there, eat your chilis!

There is more than one way to make chilaquiles.  Some are served with chicken or beans, others with cheese or salsa roja


  • 1 onion, cebolla
  • salsa verde (Mexican salsa made of tomatillos, green tomatoes)
  • corn tortillas, tortillas de maiz
  • oil, aceite
  • egg, huevo
  • tomato, tomate
  • salt & pepper, sal & pimienta

Luckily I had some fresh corn tortillas in the fridge, thanks to Panchovilla Tortillas, that I cut and lightly fried.  I HIGHLY suggest doing this yourself as opposed to using store bought corn chips.

Start by heating your cast iron with a touch of oil.  Add the onions and cook over a high flame for a few minutes until they start to soften and color.  Add the tortilla chips, salsa verde, and a pinch of salt.

Bring to a light simmer, lower your heat and continue cooking until the tortillas start to soften.  Keep an eye on the pan!  You don’t want your tortillas to turn into mush but you don’t want them to have any crunch, so timing is key.  While this is finishing, fry an egg or two and get ready to plate.

Place a portion of the tortilla mix on the center of the plate followed by a fried egg on top.  Salsa verde has a nice level of picante which some find too much for the mornings.  You can bring the heat down by serving some fresh tomatoes on the side or by topping the final product with some fresh cheese or sour cream (casa crema).