BURGER BLISS at Dean & Dennys

Admitting when you’re wrong.

When I first saw the construction of the mega Americanized burgers- hot dogs- milk shakes- DEAN & DENNY’S I thought to myself, you’ve got to be kidding me.  Jokes and criticism instantly began at full speed.

The transformation from a large gorgeous corner building to an all metal all english setup is sadly beginning to fit into once boutiquey Palermo Soho.

Weeks went by and rather quickly their doors were open.  Monday night we stepped into the super sterile super gringo fast food like establishment.  Beepers were given once the order was placed and we waited patiently on the rooftop terrace soaking in the USA ambiance.  Counters lined with all necessary condiments (including apple vinegar for salads), separate recycling containers, FREE WATER, hand sanitizer, paper napkins, it was all a bit shocking.

Our beeper vibrates and loudly says (in english) thank you for waiting, your order is now ready for pick-up.

We head downstairs and grab our metal tray and necessary condiments.

We’re hopeful!  It looks good.  Real good.

Not the big man burger with a fat juicy patty.  The multiple thin patties with solid portions of bacon and cheese that had the perfect bun to fillings to meat ratio.

Being pessimistic we said to ourselves upon entering, ‘we’ll order one to share.  If it’s good we’ll order a second.’

We were doubtful.  And oh so wrong!!!

The burger was pure heaven.  Not giant to where your day comes to a quick end after consumption.  Fair price, a double bacon and cheese for 36 pesos.  Classic fries at 16 pesos.

Word is their shakes are the real deal.

So, yes.  I admit it!  I misjudged.  I’ll work on that.

I’ll be back.

Malabia 1591 corner of Honduras


10am – 2am everyday