Buenos Aires wine bar, Pain et Vin

Ok, I really like this place and I hope they do REALLY well!!

I discovered it yesterday over a lunch meeting with the guys from The Latin Kitchen.

They opened about 3-4 weeks ago on Gorriti 5132 between Uriarte and Thames, just a few doors down from Rey de Copas and across the street from Soria, some of Palermo’s best watering holes.

The owners are an international mix, Argentina & Israeli.  They are all about bread and wine and are open for breakfast, lunch and merienda.

They have an amazing wine selection that is served by both the bottle and glass!!

Finally, Buenos Aires!  A proper place that serves by the glass something other than Trapiche & Elementos that’s open during the day.

You may not know but most drinking establishments here in Argentina open their doors around 8/9 o’clock at night.

To find a good day spot can be quite the challenge.The decor is totally my style.  Exposed brick, loads of big windows, iron & wood.

The kitchen is  simple, a room in the back with a wood burning oven.

For now they have a small menu of sandwiches, salads and a cheese board.

There breads are fantastic.  And the medialunas croissants too.The shelves behind the counter are stacked with sour dough, pan de campo, olive bread and more.

I went with a simple Caprese sandwich for 25 pesos.  Good size, not monstrous, not tedious, just enough.

And of course I had to have a glass of Cabernet France, one of Argentina’s finest grapes, after my dining companion ordered a glass for himself.

I can’t let him drink alone, that’s just plane rude!  And us Southern folks are all about manners.

No importa that I hadn’t eaten and only had a belly full of mate.  I had to make a good impression if I want that article, right?!

Between two glasses of wine and two sandwiches the bill came out to be 106 pesos total.  Not too bad, especially considering the quality of the wine and nice ambiance.

They have a small outdoor space with two or three tables connected to the main room and a handful of tables and chairs inside.

I think this place can kill it simply because of their hours + wines by the glass selection + location + buena onda.

Let’s show some support, Buenos Aires.

Best of luck, Pain et Vin.

UPDATE-  I’m totally obsessed with their lentil salad and eggplant sandwich.  It’s probably for the best they’re closed at night otherwise I’d be moving in.