Buenos Aires pie club

You really have to love Buenos Aires.  There are so many talented young individuals putting their blood, sweat, and tears into new startups.  This is a prime example.

Kelly Poindexter is a farm girl from Wisconsin, U.S.A.  She got out at an early age and escaped to Paris where she studied linguistics, ate fancy croissants and met her future Argentine husband.  Since moving to Buenos Aires she has taken on many office jobs working with marketing, translations, SEO, and social media.  And although she has dominated each and every task ALL SHE THINKS ABOUT IS PIE.

You see, Kelly is a pastry chef at heart.  All she wants is sweets, to make them and eat them.  Baking seems to bring her the balance that she needs in life.  So she took the leap.  The office gig has been put on the back burner and she’s half way through pastry school.  Her curriculum is over flowing with fancy french pastries (macarons, tuiles, millefeuilles, éclairs) but at home PIES dictate her kitchen.

So Kelly has decided to start a PIE club.  Each week she offers a different PIE in addition to Kelly’s Classics (Bourbon Pecan, Apple, Cinnamon Blueberry, Boston Cream).  This week she’s making a double chocolate peanut butter mousse pie (pictured above) which will easily swoon your taste buds for a shy 65 pesos.  In addition to her PIES, she takes special orders for NY cheesecake, biscotti (pumpkin spice, peanut butter cup!), and cake pops, some new pastry trend.  All PIES are 9 inches, range from 50-80 pesos and are delivered free in Palermo Hollywood and Soho.  To place your personal PIE order click here.

If a whole PIE isn’t in your near future, you can taste her creations at Mexican Night where she supplies the weekly pastries!  Gracias, Kelly!!  SOS GENIAL!