Buenos Aires Parrilla Tour


I had the privilege of taking my first parrilla tour in Buenos Aires!  It was delicious, filling, exciting, intimate, everything I wanted.  I may have left in a food coma from eating too much carne, but I blame myself.  If there is choripan and loads of juicy meat in front of me, I have very little self-control. Especially when it comes to pork…


There are four stops.  You begin at an old school parrilla where you indulge on choripan(chorizo + bread = choripan) with chimichurri.   David, our knowledgable guide, explains that choripan is the first meat served at traditional Argentine asados.  To me, IT’S THE BEST PART.  Particularly when accompanied by a glass of local Malbec.  😀

The next stop is a local empanadería.  There we snacked on beef empanadas and learned how different regions prepare their empanadas.  Some have boiled egg and olives, others raisins, rice and/or potatoes.  Some are fried, others baked, but the best are grilled on the parrilla!  This is how ours were prepared.  After all, we’re on a parrilla tour!

We then walk a few blocks to a spot that might be the coolest freakin’ parrilla I’ve ever been to.  When you approach the building you have NO IDEA that it’s a restaurant.  As a matter of fact it looks like a vacant store front.  I was wrong.  Behind the gate a door opens and we find ourselves surrounded by loads of hungry men getting their meat fix.  The kind waitress escorts us to our table and brings over a bottle of Malbec, salad, and bread.  Then the meat comes.  People, don’t think this is one of those food tours where you get a sample of everything.  No, this is the real deal.  Plate after plate of beef and pork came from the kitchen to our cozy table.  The matambre de cerdo, WOW.  Such a great cut of pork especially for foreigners unfamiliar with Argentine butchery.  Service was flawless and there was plenty of wine for the table.

After filling our bellies we hit the streets and headed to a small heladería aka ice cream parlor.  Here you have the option of ice cream or coffee.  I opted for ice cream-  dark chocolate and mango.  It did the trick.

All in all, a fabulous way to learn about the local food culture.  Our guide was more than willing to give us the nitty gritty on where to go, what to experience and favorite eating spots.  If you’re interested in setting up a tour check out Parrilla Tour Buenos Aires.