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Buenos Aires faves, Siamo nel Forno – NOLAchef


I finally had AN AMAZING slice in Buenos Aires.  Like, SO AMAZING even my girl’s visiting from New York were impressed, like MEGA impressed.

Siamo nel Forno in Palermo Hollywood is dishing out super thin Napoletana pizza .  Their blazing wood burning oven instantly fluffs up the crust oh so light and airy while achieving a crisp bottom that is lightly decorated with fresh simple ingredients.  AND they have red chili flakes to sprinkle on top of your pizza, now that’s some unheard of shit in BA.

According to the girl’s who picked up the pie, the ambiance was cute and date worthy with outside seating.

THIS is the only pizza worth eating in Buenos Aires.  Ok, maybe the fugazzeta from Punto y Banco tambien….

Siamo nel Forno

Costa Rica 5886 corner of Ravignani

4775. 0337

Tuesday- Sunday 20h- close