Buenos Aires faves, COCO MARIE

Tucked away in a renovated pehache near Plaza Armenia lies Coco Marie.

Hidden behind a bikini shop you’ll find yourself in an open garden with cookie cutters hanging from iron beams.

Like its surrounding streets the setting is charming and covered in greens.

Turquoise furniture line the brick walls while colorful flowers and crates of fruit are perfectly positioned.

There is something dreamy about Coco Marie.

It makes me want to…. be a jungle girl near the ocean with loads of tropical fruit and sunshine.  Have one of those big wooden picnic tables in the garden where hanging lights cross through the trees and it’s so beautiful yet naturally designed that Home & Garden is just dying to shoot it.Yes!!!!!

One day, Liza.  One day….

The kitchen at Coco Marie slings sandwiches and salads from 11 to 8 and is quite busy during the weekends.

Oh how I wish they would open earlier during the week!  What’s up with that, Palermo cafes?

Nothing like a big cup of Illy coffee and a bowl of fruit and granola to start your day.

Lunch favorites are the veggie nutrivo & pollo with provolone sandwiches (pictured above).

Their salads are big and leafy.  I would love to see a caesar on the menu!!

Word on the street is their wanting to open at night.

Si, por favor!

* Side note-  their bikinis and nightwear are great!  And are on massive sale right now…!

Coco Marie

Armenia 1764 between El Salvador and Honduras

4833. 0950