Buenos Aires faves, Baraka

Other than Sarkis (post to come) Baraka is my only go-to place where the food is consistently scrumptious.

If you don’t have much of an appetite grab a refreshing liquado (smoothie more or less) or un cafe de Costa Rica, my absolute favorite type of coffee!  This has a lot to do with why I heart Baraka so much.  Even though this is a big coffee-drinking community the coffee is shit.  AND although it’s not on the menu they have proven themselves that they are capable of making a mean ice coffee, another thing that doesn’t exist in Buenos Aires.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of strange looks I’ve gotten when trying to describe an ice coffee to a waiter.

Sometimes they come out in an espresso glass with a single cube of ice melting away in piping hot coffee, or a large glass with two pieces of ice, a black cup of coffee and steamed milk on the side.

WTF people?

If I want a chilled coffee WHY ARE YOU HEATING THE MILK?

Back to Baraka.

The sandwiches are HUGE and come with tasty roasted potatoes however they are willing to substitute them with a basic green salad if you ask politely.  My favorite is the caprese with extra olive tamponade.  Updated menu-  best sandwich is brie, avocado, tomato, spinach!

Did I mention that ALL of their breads are baked in-house?

You have the option of integral, blanco, o focaccia.  You can also get your sandwich in “half portion” which is more than plenty for one serving or get the “entero” and split it with a friend.

I recently had the lamb beef burger for the first time- big, JUICY, and cooked to perfection.

The medialunas are wickedly good and fluffy.

Salads come in big portions and are quite diverse for this city- basic mixed greens loaded with seeds & parm, quinoa salad, avocado salad.  All super.  And their ceasar is good, which is really saying something.  But ask for the dressing on the side!  They tend to go a little heavy and it can ruin it.  (Also, something I just found out… the ceasar is available in half portion!)

Liquado favorites- Melonverde with cilantro, melon, and lemonade & Salma with maracuya, mint, and celery.

The only negative thing I have to say is that there’s no alcohol!  Baraka is a place focused solely on healthy fresh food and drinks and apparently wine and beer don’t fall under that category.  It’s probably for the best, otherwise I’d be in big trouble.  Service is friendly and the place stays busy.  I like to go during the weekday mornings and early afternoons when it’s not so jammin’.  The sunny terraza is always pleasant along with the shaded side-walk tables if you’re into outdoor dining on a lovely cobblestone street.  Baraka you are my fave!

Update-  Baraka is serving wine and beer.  😀


martes a domingo 9- 21h

Their hours have been fluctuating lately.  Word is they’re serving a special dinner Thursday-Saturdays.  Will keep you posted…