Buenos Aires Culture, El Penguino

If you’re in Buenos Aires or other parts of Argentina you may have noticed ceramics shaped in the form of penguins.

These are for wine!!

Crazy, yes.

And awesome.

There is a pour spot at it’s beak and the classic pinguinos are available in white and brown and the standard size cost around 90 pesos.

Nowadays you can find modern pinguinos at stores like Pehache in Palermo for around 400 pesos.

So, what’s the story?

Apparently back in the 50′s & 60′s when Argentino’s weren’t so interested in quality wine they would serve vino tinto (red wine) in the pinguinos, as labels weren’t of any importance.  The wine was said to be so bad at times that they would also serve it with sifon (a large bottle of soda water) or Coke to cut the bad taste.

Well good thing that’s not the case anymore as Argentina is now producing endless amounts of wine that we’re all proud to show off.

If you have the space and weight in your luggage to spare consider a pinguino for a souvenir, they’re great gifts!

Mine was purchased by a good friend who I sadly  no longer share BA adventures with.  I think of her every time I fill her up or stuff her with fresh flowers.

Para vos, chica!