Black sugar.  Do you know it?!!  I didn’t.  Not until I came to Buenos Aires.

I first spotted black sugar in Jumbo, the megastore of Argentina.   Then I stumbled upon it at Casa Naturistathe best place in Palermo to buy grains, beans, and all other things healthy and organic.  You see, I was gathering ingredients for a bourbon pecan pie and needed brown sugar.  But I couldn’t find any!  So I decided to buy the black and give it a shot.  IT WAS GENIUS.

After some online research I discovered that black sugar is common in Asia, especially amongst women in Taiwan.  That’s because it has nutritious properties (iron, calcium, potassium) and helps diffuse the discomfort of menstruation.  Go figure, a sugar with positive effects that is actually healthy for you!

The sugar grains are thick and more round than processed sugar.  They are moist and have a serious molasses taste.  It’s also CHEAPER than white sugar.

I bought kilos of it over the weekend.  Why?  PECAN PIES for Saturday nights opening of my puerta cerradaNOLA.  Beyond ecstatic!!