Best empanadas in Buenos Aires, La Fachada

Empanadas are absolutely my favorite food Argentina has to offer.

Cheese + Dough + Delivery = I’m not cooking tonight!

Empanada 411

  • Empanadas come from the verb empanar which means to wrap or coat in bread.
  • They were brought over to Latin America by Spanish colonist.
  • In Argentina, the dough is typically made from wheat flour and butter.
  • A repulgue or pattern is used to indicate what type of filling it has.  These patterns are made by pinching or folding the pastry dough.
  • Beef is the most traditional followed by ham and cheese, and chicken.
  • NUMEROUS cheesy vegetarian options are available, my faves, especially the mushroom & pickled eggplant.
  • Location highly affects how the empanadas are prepared.  Salteñas, from the province of Salta, are smaller baked empanadas most commonly stuffed with carne (suave or picante), boiled eggs, and green olives. 
  • The BEST empanadas I’ve had were charque empanadas from Salta.  Charque or charqui is cured (salted & dried) meat normally horse, llama, or beef.  I REALLY hope they weren’t horse….

Casa de empanadas or most pizzerias sell empanadas and can be found on almost every block in Buenos Aires.  The best I’ve found, La Fachada  Abiertas and Cerradas are available at La Fachada and cost 3-4 pesos each.  The queso y cebolla (with green onions, verdeo) is also FANTASTIC but extremely greasy.  ALL are beyond unhealthy, but once a week when I need a break from the cocina I see no problemas.  Grab the house sauce and some napkins and enjoy….