Buenos Aires faves, Pony Line

Recoleta is the upper east side of Buenos Aires.  Old, money, conservative pretty much sums it up.

I don’t spend much time there as I feel like I don’t really fit it.  This wasn’t the case Saturday night!

The boy and I got all fancy, headed to Recoleta and went straight to the Four Seasons Hotel to check out the newly opened Pony Line.

We grabbed a seat at the bar, ordered a Smoky & Dirty Martini (me), gin and tonic (him) and truffle fries with a runny egg to share.

Between the music, ambiance and flawless service I felt like I was back in NYC.

The bathrooms were fabulous.

I felt like a million bucks (and the youngest patron by a good 30 years).

*UPDATE*  If barman Matias is working, order the Ramos Gin Fizz, not only a New Orleans classic, but his favorite cocktail to make.

Four Seasons Recoleta

Posadas 1086

11 4321. 1200