BA catch up

November in Buenos Aires just might be my favorite.

Jacarandá are in full bloom.

Many of the streets of Buenos Aires are lined with purple flowers decorating the side walks and making the city more magical than ever.

Love these trees!!

I was featured in Time Out Buenos Aires magazine for hosting Thursday Mexican Pop-Ups!

The menu is now changing weekly.

These chilaquiles with pork shoulder and orange-avocado salsa were the first to sell out last week.


Tights, suspenders and bow-ties traveled far distances to get to BA.

And of course peanut butter treats & magazines!

Thank you, mule friends!!

I’ve been on a health kick.

This has become my daily lunch Monday- Thursday.

Sesame asparagus, brown rice, arugula, mixed seeds, soy onions.

It’s so cheap to eat healthy here.


I purchased my first piece of Argentine jewelry.

I wear it with everything.

Check out her collections here

Or if you’re in NYC you can find her stuff at the Brooklyn flea.

I had brunch at Olsen.

I was warned about the food but the gorgeous space persuaded me to give it a shot.

The food was vile.

Local was a different story.

Knock out dinner.

Loved it all- food, service, ambiance, todo.

I finally made it to Mercado Central!

Mercado Central is where 99% of the food in grocery stores and verdulerias come from.

It was madness.

I attended my first Argentine wedding.

WILD is probably the word that best describes it.

All the best to the bride & groom!

New business cards for Nola

Do you like them?

We’ve been super busy throughout November.

As in we’re open three nights a week, every week!

¡Vamos Nola!