Asado de cerdo entero, the whole pig

As most of you know Argentina is known for their asado.  These asados generally include-  chorizo, morcilla (blood sausage), chinchulin (intestines), giant chunks or beef, pork (if you’re lucky!) and maybe a classic Argentine salad of iceberg lettuce, tomato, and onion.  However if it’s a special occasion they might leave out all the basics and stick to a cerdo entero.  

My first CRISP and juicy pig asado was over a long weekend in Mar Azul, a small coastal town about 4 hours south of Buenos Aires.  This set up was amazing- giant hole dug into the sand, loads of burning wood, and an old metal lawn chair cut in 2 and used as the grill.  Richard, the resourceful asador, splashed the cerdo with salmuera a brine of salt and water to crisp the skin and keep it moist aka re jugoso.

Dani, another master asador, likes to baste his pig in chimichurri overnight which adds flavor and helps tenderize the meat.  He roasted his 11 kilo pig on a high grill over low heated coals for 4+ hours.  Another crispy juicy winner.

For the 2012 new year the crew and I headed to Suipacha to check out the trendy blueberry tour at the finca de Il Mirtilo Arandanos.   The friendly owners invited us to their asado where they were cookin’ up excessive amounts of pork and lamb.  Below you’ll see Fran the asador, coating the carcass with salmuera using a sachet of herbs & bay leaves.

All in all, pork has never tasted so good.  Argentina, although you are lacking in culinary diversity you sure know how to conquer the grill.

Have y’all checked out Siete Fuegos by master of all asadores, Francis Mallmann?  It’s a BAD ASS cook book that I HIGHLY recommend to all you carnivores out there.  Great souvenir for Dad….