2011 recap

I know I’m late for the best of 2011 list,  but fortunately for me I live in Argentina and that’s how things roll down here in latin america.

When I first moved to this porteño capital Marce told me, “Liza just wait, this isn’t the states, things take a lot longer here in Buenos Aires.  Don’t try to change it, don’t try to understand it, just accept it.”

Well, Marce was right!

Whether it was service at a restaurant, communicating in a new language, waiting at f*n Retiro for international packages or 6 long weeks of getting wifi installed, patience was key.

Patience may have been my biggest challenge of 2011.   Now, I’m better.  I’ve accepted porteño life, and I LOVE it.  Most of the time.

Here’s a recap of 2011, my first year abroad, a year of many firsts


After 5 incredible years in lower Manhattan a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires was exactly what I needed.

Ciao pre-planned life, hello unknown territory.


El gordo Momo , my Argentine shadow.

Momo was adopted from the Botanical Gardens and he loves tun tun, but only in water, not oil.

My first visit to the San Telmo feria.  Only way to handle the crowd, big ass choripan y una copa de vino tinto


My first REALLY GOOD burger in BA.  Too bad it was a fluke…

My first care package.  <3

A BIG thanks to my great friends who have sent me goodies.  E, the pottery made me laugh SO hard.


Empanada lesson from local Argentinas

Empanadas are MY FAVORITE local fare.  Lately I’ve been making fancy empanadas- bouef bourguignon, Yucatan pork, brie & hongos de pino.  They’re highly addictive.

My first asado de cerdo entero.  Nothing better than succulent pig.

The first fugazzeta of many…

Although BA pizza (thick and loaded with nasty cheese) is my LEAST favorite food, the fugazzeta from Punto y Banca is a winner.

The best plate of seafood I had all year.

Did you know Argentina exported over 400 TONS of seafood in 2011?



Cruising around like the locals in Tigre

My first penguino.  VERY exciting moment!!

These guys are old school and on the verge of extinction.  At parrillas they use to them to serve not so great house wine.


My first visit to Parrilla el 22.


Provoleta-  giant chunk of provolone throw on the parrilla and grilled til gooey and crisp on the outsides and drizzled with olive oil and oregano.

Beach time in Uruguay.


Practicing pastries for work events.

These profiteroles stuffed with dark chocolate ganache are adorable perfection.



First homemade muffaletta in Buenos Aires.

Argentines LOVE this sandwich.

NOLAchef was born.

Lots of technical help from super smart sister.


One of many dinner parties with new friends….

GREAT way to try out new dishes on mixed palates.


The most perfect cheesecake to hit Buenos Aires….

Recipe to come.


Summer weekend getaways….


Fall.   Best time of the year in BA.



Roast beef po’boy from NOLA Night.

Top seller at NOLA Night- red beans & rice.  Paw Paw & Dad should be proud.



Saturday lunches with my honey.


El novio.




I’m VERY excited about 2012.  The boy and I are working together on opening up our own puerta cerrada aka closed-door restaurant.  I’ll be cooking up Creole fare weekly with a monthly or so visit of Mexican cuisine, my absolute favorite.  We’re working on a name.  If you have any ideas, send them my way!

USA friends, I’ll be stopping by in April.