The Marigny, Bywater & Maurepas

Sister lives in the cool part of New Orleans.  It’s a neighborhood known as the Marigny.  It borders the French Quarter down Esplanade and is hip, artsy, bohemian and full of color.

Next to the Marigny is the Bywater.  The Bywater is similar to the Marigny but with a bit of industrial grit going on.

They’re both very Brooklyn.

Porches are common, and shutters even more so.  Mardi Gras beads decorate the cable wires and iron fences.  Think high ceilings, wooden floors and shot-gun style homes.

People are super friendly and everybody seems to know everybody.

This is where I would want my NOLA home.In the afternoon we headed to Sister’s favorite lunch spot, Maurepas on Burgundy in the Bywater.

The owners are from New York and they’re all about local sustainable ingredients and showcasing Louisiana & Gulf Coast inspired dishes.

The meal started with iced teas, pickled veggies, and a bowl of purple hull peas with fig & andouille broth ,sour grit cake, miso, pecans.

Shortly after we moved on to the main dishes.

For me, Gulf Fish with watermelon, Haloumi, olives & herbs.

For Grandma, Chicken Leg Quarter with stone ground grits, market greens & poached egg.

For sister, Pork Meatballs with poached apple and fig in a chili broth.

All were well thought out dishes and the flavors really harmonized.

And just as I thought things were slowing down, the desert menu arrived saying ‘We don’t have a sweet tooth, we have sweet teeth, and it’s reflected in our tasty dessert menu’.  

Sister started gleaming and recommended the pies & ice cream.

Minutes later arrived 2 scoops of salted peanut butter & caramel ice cream and a hand pie of stone fruit & puff pastry with butterscotch.

Never a dull moment in New Orleans.  N.E.V.E.R.