Fugazzeta Pizza, Punto y Banca

Fugazzeta is an Argentine invention, a pizza exploding with onions and mozzarella on a thick crust.

Originally, fugazza comes from Northern Italy but the Argentine’s decided to add massive amounts of cheese resulting in fugazza con queso o fugazzeta

There is no tomato sauce or other toppings and sometimes the onions are seasoned with oregano and olive oil.

Punto y Banca is an old “taxi-driver” pizzeria on a tree lined block in Palermo Viejo specializing in fried empanadas and pizza.  My first stop here was back in November and I’ve yet to return, knowing the lack of self control I have when it comes to fried cheesy empanadas.  Despite the lack of ambiance there’s outside seating and low prices.  If I was fifteen again, I’d probably eat here everyday for lunch.

Empanadas are generally baked here in Buenos Aires as opposed to fried.  Punto y Banca serves both fritay horno for 5.75 pesos each.  They’re available stuffed with carne, pollo, humita (corn,) jamon y queso, cebolla y queso, verdura, y roquefort.  They’re pressed or folded in different patterns to distinguish the filling.


There are three fugazza options at Punto y Banca- fugazza (onion without cheese) fugazzeta (onion with cheese) and fugazzeta con jamon y queso (onion with ham & cheese.)

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