It’s official, NOLA Gastropub is open, y’all!

We unlocked our doors last Friday, July 18, and the turnout was (and still is) incredible

There are a billion things to say but my fuzzy head, sore body and kitchen prep list is just too consuming at the moment to produce anything worthwhile.  I’m sorry!

Lots of emotions.  New schedule.  Nonstop in the kitchen.  It’s the Ticol and Liza show day in and day out.

We’re really enjoying service.  The informality of the gastropub vs. our white linens puerta cerrada, it’s such a different feel.  The space is comfortable and we already have regulars!!  People coming back is like the greatest feeling ever.  And the mollejas (sweetbreads) are selling so well we’re considering putting them on the menu full time.

The chicken sammies too.  Which kind of blows (in a super selfish way).  Two kinds of homemade bread, daily, and so much freakin’ arm work I swear I’m going to be a buff bitch before you know it.

The word is starting to get out and we’ve had a few articles written about us herehere and here if you wanna give em a look.

I’ve lost at least 5 pounds as there is little time to eat and I found three grey hairs, in my right eyebrow!  Omg 30 is like a month way.

My back went from being fluid and open to a brick that constantly feels tight and angry.  I need to give myself some amor.