Gulf Coast Adventures

I haven’t stopped eating out since I arrived in New Orleans!

It’s getting a bit ridiculous.  But how am I suppose to say no?!  So much temptation.  So much seafood.

Mom and I had a girls day together.  A mother daughter day on the Gulf Coast.

We indulged like royalty, checked out her new pottery studio, drove along the beach and talked about boys and the future.

We started the day in Ocean Springs, Mississippi (OS) a small artsy boutique type of town located on the Coast east of Biloxi.  My oldest friend and I met her here and I haven’t visited in well over a decade.

The first stop, an OS staple, was Tato Nut home to the worlds best donuts.  I ordered my fave, a chocolate covered, and instantly remembered how when Sister and I were young Mom would bribe us with these donuts if we’d behave during Sunday mass.  Decades later I’m happily buying my own and misbehaving as often as I see fit.

We walked down Government Street and did a little kitchen shopping while we worked up an appetite for lunch.  Purchase of the day-  cookie cutters in the shape of a crab, alligator, Mardi Gras mask, and crawfish.  These will get loads of use at the restaurant!

Most of Mom’s side of the family lives in OS and there seems to be a swing on all the old porches.  It’s a small town vibe and she’s made quite the name for herself in the pottery scene.

After checking out her new studio we jumped in the car and headed to Gulfport for a lunch at Beach Blvd Steamer, a no-fry restaurant located on the Gulf.

We listened like good girls and ordered all the recommendations.

Sweet teas arrived as did a basket of fresh rolls with a heated bowl of clarified butter.

Then came a half-dozen of New Orleans famous chargrilled oysters.  Chargrilled oysters = Oyster + garlic + butter + parsley + breadcrumbs cooked on the grill (or under a broiler).

Up next came crisp greens with bacon, pink shrimp & boiled potatoes, and red fish with collard greens.

Then dessert happened.

Mom’s friend sent out a ‘sample of the desert menu’.

Only in the South will you find a sample like this.

Strawberry tall cake with whipped cream and chocolate covered strawberries.

Key Lime Pie with graham cracker & macadamia nut crust.

And the star of the show, layered red velvet cake stuffed with cheesecake and cream cheese frosting with dark chocolate shavings.


After dessert we were given a tour of the kitchen & the neighboring candy shop.

We left with big bags of homemade candies and enough leftovers to feed a small army.

Mom and I said our goodbyes and I made my way to Florida to visit more family.

I love visiting my family in San Destin.

It’s like being back home in NOLA but with an even slower pace, a big ol swimming pool and gorgeous beaches.  It’s super relaxing.  I wish I could have stayed longer.

The days passed catching up on life, eating like true Southern Italians and lounging at the spa for a girls birthday celebration.

THANK YOU, FAMILY.  I had such a wonderful time.

On our way back to New Orleans we stopped in OS, grabbed Mom and headed to the beach for a seaside lunch and a final good-bye.

Fried green tomatoes with lump crab meat and remoulade were ordered along with oysters, crab cakes, burgers & fresh fish.

The tomatoes were stunning and the clear winner of the meal!

So funny how life works.

If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would be sitting at the same table with both parents and my sister sharing a meal in Gulfport, Mississippi on my visit home from Buenos Aires and having a genuine good time… I would have laughed so hard as those words just didn’t seem to go together.

Now it seems so natural and I couldn’t be happier.

What’s the saying?

Distance makes the heart grow fonder.  

Must be true.

Love you, crazy fam.

Hasta la proxima vez!