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Fresh & Fast take out at La Cresta in Almagro

Spring in Buenos Aires really brights up the city and it’s making me want to burst out in song at any given moment.  Have one of those Mary Tyler Moore moments tossing my hat in the air while twirling with joy.

Insane how the weather can have such an effect on the mind!

My Tuesday couldn’t have started better and it all took place in Almagro, a neighborhood I need to know more of.

I jumped on my bike and buzzed over from Palermo for my first acupuncture appointment.

Have y’all done it?  Are you obsessed?  Feel different?  I’m buying a ten pack.

After a long talk and getting pinned I left my appointment feeling high as a kite as if I was on a cloud while angels sung as I pedaled my way to lunch.

As I pulled up I saw Iñaki waiting outside and we chained our bikes together and excitedly explored the menu.


We ordered the sweet chili con pollo wrap, not an easy decision as they were all screaming my name.

The wrap was award winning worthy.  Probably the best wrap of my life.  Okay maybe not the best but definitely worthy of a nomination.

The freshness is what really did it for me.  And the chicken was so juicy and well seasoned!

I would have like a lot more sweet & spicy chili sauce as the cilantro and other toppings masked the flavor.  Next time I know to ask for a heavier squeeze.

NOLAchef-la-cresta-buenos-aires-restaurants-almagroNOLAchef-la-cresta-buenos-aires-restaurants-almagroLet’s talk La Cresta.

Pick up the Fork wrote it up a while back and it had been on my list ever since.

There are a few counter seats at the windows but it’s mostly all take out.

The menu changes often and they focus on seasonal fresh ingredients and have a rotating menu of the day.

This is exactly the type of business I want to open in Buenos Aires!

¡Vamos 2014 to do list!

After finishing up we biked over to Mussetta, a small corner cafe and grabbed a table outside and ordered their mixed fruit liquados.

Liquados in Argentina are what we would call a smoothie I suppose.  Or perhaps a shake.

We sucked them down while catching up on life and reminiscing about our time together in Paris and upcoming summer travel plans.

We hopped back on our bikes and parted ways as Iñaki had a guitar lesson and I had a date with more WordPress tutorials.

Almagro, I truly enjoyed our time together.

Maybe someone wants to buy me a house there?  I’m fine with that.  I’ll (order La Cresta) cook.