pastas at Salgado Alimentos


A pastry girlfriend had told me of Salgado Alimentos, a pasta shop in Villa Crespo, quite some time ago.

The ladies and I decided to give it a go for our weekly dinner where we talk about Argentine men and drink too much vino.

The corner restaurant has a few tables outside under strands of colored hanging light bulbs but our 9 o’clock reservation was set indoors.  The light blue walls and long counter had an inviting feel, the kind I get from a U.S. diner.  I already liked it.  The server was charming, wanting to practice his english and brought us over a wine along with the provoleta rellena, pictured below.  The provoleta was stuffed with black olives, topped with cherry tomatoes and chives and came with a basket of salty breads.  WINNER.

The mozo was quick to give us his faves once we asked about pasta recommendations.  He suggested- raviolis de cheddar (friends faces lit up), raviolis de salmon, and sorrentinos jabalí (pictured way above).  We didn’t know what jabalí was and were still a bit confused with his description of ‘cerdo blanco, big big pig) but we went with it along with the cheddar-shallot-bacon raviolis and a vegetarian penne with toasted almonds and arugula pesto.


The sorrentinos jabalí (giant raviolis w/ ground wild boar) were big and smothered in a mushroom cream sauce.  HEAVENLY.  The girls went crazy for the raviolis de cheddar (pic below), but for some reason I didn’t taste it.  Something about cheddar cheese ravioli just didn’t make sense to me, and with all the creamy cheesy action going on from the provoleta and sorrentinos I just wasn’t into it.  The penne was boring, but I guess that’s what we get for ordering a pesto made of arugula.  Where’s the basil?!  We wanted a lighter option, and that’s exactly what we got.


Between the 4 of us we shared the provoleta rellena, 3 pastas, a bottle of water and 2 bottles of wine.  The bill was around 300 pesos (65 bucks) and there were lots of pasta leftovers.  I’ll be back, soon.

Salgado Alimentos

Juan Ramirez de Velasco 401 corner of Aráoz


Monday 12h- 16h

Tuesday- Saturday 12h -16h, 20h- close

Cash only


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